Creo and ThingWorx LEARN Online Subscription Available Internationally

Katelyn Stevens
Written by Katelyn Stevens

LEARN Subscription | 5 Minute Read

Announcement! Creo and ThingWorx LEARN Online Subscription Offer now Available Internationally

Exciting news for Creo and ThingWorx users across the globe! PTC University rolled out a new virtual instructor-led training (VILT) subscription offer in the United States last summer and the verdict is in - our customers love it. Instead of committing to days of travel and expense, now students can consume our course content in the comfort and timeframe of their choosing.

The LEARN Online curriculum was built from the ground up and it has a little something for everyone, whether they are a new or experienced user. This offering allows customers to have the most flexibility with training we have ever offered. We think students learn best when they are able to take training that applies to what they are currently working on – and this subscription allows that to happen. Users can get started with the fundamentals and work their way through the catalog to advance their knowledge.

View the Creo Course Catalog

View the ThingWorx Course Catalog

Each VILT course is three hours in duration and designed to support busy lifestyles and schedules. Courses are offered at morning, afternoon, and evening slots to accommodate different time zones and preferences.

In our LEARN Online Subscription program, students will train alongside one of our best in-class instructors as they guide students through a learning journey. And instead of them leading you through every click and pick, they’ll challenge you to learn collaboratively with your peers. The Course Catalog for both Creo and ThingWorx contain Fundamentals-level classes, along with advanced topics, so there are classes for every user level. Instructors reinforce learning by sharing high-level important concepts that are augmented by case studies, knowledge checks, and discussion points. At PTC University, we make it our business to understand the science behind learning. And what we found is the more engagement in the classroom, the better the results.

And in more exciting news, each LEARN Online offer includes opportunities for a Fundamentals-level certification and a Professional-level Certification. These certifications allow our learners to validate knowledge learned, showcase authority in the product, give clout in the field, and are great resume builders as well. We can’t stress enough how earning a certification can be a game changer when it comes to achieving your professional goals.

But now that we’ve hooked you, your first step is to contact us for more information. One of our knowledgeable training advisors will be able to give you more information on the offers and answer any questions you may have. So, what are you waiting for? You’ll see how easy it is to register, enroll, and enjoy your experience. We’re proud of this redesign and can’t wait to share it with you. We’ll meet you in the classroom!