New LEARN Online Subscription Program for ThingWorx

Katelyn Stevens
Written by Katelyn Stevens

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Announcing PTC University’s New LEARN Online Subscription Program for ThingWorx

Six months ago, PTC University rolled out our new VILT LEARN Online Subscription program for Creo. We’re thrilled to announce it has been a huge success! In the history of our trainings, these redesigned, online instructor-led classes have received our highest scores thus far for content, quality, and instructor impact. Our goal is to listen to your feedback, and we’ve heard you loud and clear that this model works. Based on this success, we’ve decided to roll out these offerings to our ThingWorx customers so that they too can enjoy the many benefits of this amazing deal.

ThingWorx students will now be able to sign up for their own LEARN Online Subscription. You’ll have access to our latest catalog of ThingWorx offerings that all have been updated and modernized to support a truly best-in-class learning experience. The catalog includes eight fundamental courses and 16 professional courses. We know you require flexibility in your schedules, so all classes are offered in succinct three-hour sessions at varying times each day to support different time zones. Take the class that fits best into your day with the least amount of disruption to your routine – we understand that that’s important.

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll work alongside your instructor in small groups to collaborate and learn as a team. We use case studies, knowledge checks, and design challenges to drive engagement and innovation in the classroom. It’s our job to create an environment that is supportive to different learning styles and that’s where our top-notch instructors come in. Instead of holding your hand through each tedious pick and click, they’ll guide you through the content while simultaneously challenging you in order to facilitate the learning process. PTC University values your unique experience and perspectives, we want to hear from you in class and our new offerings are designed to do just that by driving a high level of engagement.

And we have even more exciting news coming! The ThingWorx LEARN Online Subscription program will include two options for certification! You’ll have two choices: The Fundamentals Certification available now and the Professional Certification coming later this summer. The Fundamentals Certification covers the first eight courses whereas the Professional is more in-depth and covers the entire library of our offerings. A ThingWorx certification means that you have proven your expertise and are at the height of competitiveness in your industry. You’ll get better and faster at your job, your resume will shine in a crowded field, and you’ll gain respect and clout in the industry. Anyone can claim that they are proficient in a product, but our ThingWorx certification is a guarantee that you are the best at what you do.

Finally, we would be remiss in not reminding you that this is an amazing deal. We understand that occasionally you just need to enroll in a single class to close a specific learning gap. In those cases, we offer à la carte pricing. The option to sign up for a LEARN Online Subscription allows us to greatly reduce the cost per class. That means, if you ever need to take more than three courses, this is the perfect deal for you. We hear it every day from our customers that the LEARN Online Subscription program pays for itself. So, what are you waiting for? The ThingWorx offer is set to be released in February 2020, with classes starting in April 2020.

Contact and sign up today! We can’t wait to see you in class and help you hone and perfect your ThingWorx skills!